Drift Stealth 2, xiaomi yi, and, contour roam3 cameras are all affordable gopro alternatives under 100. If youve got a little more money at your disposal and youd like to take your ride videos to the next level, you could invest in a mountable 360 degree camera. The 360Fly camera is a versatile 360 degree camera that can be picked up at your local Best buy for 299 and mounted anywhere. 5) Attachable media buttons, it can be difficult and dangerous to manage your phone while riding. Toying with the phone volume or skipping a song can be enough of a distraction to cause an accident. Bluetooth media buttons can be attached to your motorcycle so that you can play songs, adjust music volume, and take pictures with the simple click of a button.

gadget motor youd like to capture with more than just your eyes. A mountable sports camera will allow you to record some of your favorite rides to later share with family and friends. Gopro is widely considered the best sports camera, but there are other options available.

This may create arguments over the ride playlist, but the ride experience is nonetheless much more kosten fun. 2) Multi tool Kit, it would be nice if you could haul your complete motorcycle tool kit with you, but hauling all of those tools in your saddle bag is pretty impractical. This is where multi tool kits come to the rescue. The pocket-sized pack of tools includes just about everything you might need for a quick zonder roadside fix. Cruztools crafts exceptionally good tool kits. Cruztools Outbackr series comes equipped with a socket driver, screwdrivers, open-ended wrenches, and spoke wrenches. 3) Helmet sound System, do you like concerts? Chances are youd love a helmet sound system. The sound quality with built-in helmet speakers usually isnt that great. Headwave tag attaches to the back of your helmet and vibrates the sound around your helmet to give you surround sound.

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After purchasing all of the best bike parts and gear, tools and gadgets usually fall next in line on the list of bike necessities. We all love gadgets and some of us can never have enough of them. Whether youve been building your motorcycle gadget collection for some time, or youre just now starting, the following 7 gadgets are must haves for all riders. 1) Bluetooth Intercom, if youre a lone wolf rider you wont have much use for this gadget, but bluetooth intercom makes riding with friends infinitely better. Using bluetooth you and a friend can communicate back and forth without having to decipher words over the background noise of your bikes. Certain hippe bluetooth devices like the. Sena 10r even allow you to share music with your buddies as you ride.

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For more information go to m, rrp 1,045.

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even if youre a kwik-fit fitter. Rrp easy-fit set of chains: 260.00 Inc. Hands-free io play 2, if your car doesnt already have bluetooth then this is for you: io play2 is a new and innovative in-car music streaming and hands free device with a high contrast removable oled screen that uses csr bluetooth technology to provide high-levels. Not only can the io play2 can connect and integrate all iPhones, ipods, mobile phones, mp3 players and Sat nav systems with a vehicles existing audio system so drivers and passengers can listen to music stored on any portable device, but it can let them. In addition, the device offers advanced Text to Speech for every search category including, songs, Artists, Albums, podcasts, audio books, etc.

For more information, check out. New thule Excellence xt roof Box. New from Thule, the world leader in sports and recreation products, comes the Excellence xt, an easily mounted aerodynamic roof box that makes it easier for people to transport their bruine equipment safely, and best of all securely. The high capacity Excellence xt is designed to be aerodynamic, even when driving at motorway speed. The boxs superior aerodynamics, say thule, are aided by its refined smooth lunch surface, diffuser technology and spoilers. Plus, it incorporates an innovative dual-side opening feature enabling easy mounting, loading and unloading; as well as a central safety locking system and grip friendly key. Theres even a specially designed led lamp with customized reflector that automatically turns on/off just by opening/closing the box lid ensuring perfect visibility even in the most extreme of locations.

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Sick of motorway service stations? Tired of paying 15 for soup and a sarnie? What you need then is the motorway and breaks app. Having trekked over 1000 miles Lelzli rees has compiled a host of walks, country pubs and petrol stations that wont charge you an arm and a leg, and theyre all within 5 miles of a motorway junction. All of the uk is covered, from Exeter to perth and all listings come with map, contact details and opening times.

Youll find everything, from a haunted house just off the M4 to a field full of Henry moore sculptures at the end of the. At just.99 its brilliant. Thule easy-fit, its all very well everyone harping on about winter tyres and their associated benefits, but where exactly do you store your winter wheels when you dont need them? Your main dealer will charge you for shelf space and the chances are your own garage just isnt that big. Fortunately Thule has the answer. They say their award winning Easy-fit snow chains can be fitted in just nine seconds and because the tensioning system is foot-activated no physical strength is needed to fit or to remove the chain from the car. You cant say that about four wheels and tyres now can you?

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For more car gift ideas, visit here, wont eat data, rac quickFix go bluetooth Hands free fm transmitter Kit. Priced.99 racs quickFix go requires no wiring and lets you stream music from your smartphone, ipod, usb stick or sd card to your car stereo using the in-built fm transmitter. You can also make and receive phone calls providing the complete entertainment and communication solution for your car, and you can pop it in your pocket when youre not using it too. Handy, useful and clever: what more could you ask for? Copilot live bloeddruk sat nav app, compatible on both ios and over 250 google-certified Android smartphones and tablets the copilot live sat nav app uses High quality navteq street maps and real-time traffic routing. Being an app means it is more available than a dedicated sat nav and it also works offline, so it will work even when your mobile phone loses its signal. Likewise, it wont eat into your data allowance when travelling abroad, so you wont get a hefty bill when you return home either. The copilot costs from.99 for the uk version and from.99 for the european maps. Fitted meenemen in seconds, motorway walks and Breaks app by lezli rees.

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The mifi, mobile network Threes new mifi is a sleek and savvy little device that creates your own personal wifi connection. Unlike a dongle, the mifi is wireless, allowing you to get up to five devices online at one time. Its compact design means it can fit handily into your pocket or sit happily in its dock at home. So if its completing your monthly shop online on your laptop, accessing your work emails, or simply surfing Facebook on your Ipad, the mifi will be your new best friend. Ideal for darm those who are travelling and need a wifi connection, the mifi has battery power, and is great for long journeys. Itll be sure to keep the kids happy too. T hree customers can get the hspa mifi experience on pay as you go from.99 with an initial 3GB. It is also available on a range of monthly price plans starting from.87 a month (with an upfront cost.99).

Ever since then every watchmaker you can think of has wanted a piece of F1 action. The latest edition to the long line of high speed watches is Casios Edifice. As the official watch partner of Red Bull Racing, the new edifice collaboration watch marks Red Bulls dominant force in motor racing over the past season. Needless to say its worn by both of their drivers, sebastian Vettel and Mark webber, and features red and blue highlights on the dial to match the teams famous colours plus a design inspired by the speed dials on a formula One car. At 330 Casio say the Edifice promises F1 technology on your wrist. Great for long journeys, motor Monkey in-Car Charger, the motor Monkey is the worlds smallest in-car charger and has been designed so it can be permanently connected in the cigarette lighter without draining your cars battery. Its extremely compact and the latest model includes some clever features such as the self-sensing technology which automatically detects the voltage required, meaning it can charge ipads as well as much smaller devices bachbloesem via the usb socket. At 20 its pretty good value too.

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The average new car already comes equipped with a doorstop manuals worth of flash gadgets either as standard or as extra yet our desire to accessorise our favourite four-wheelers even further seemingly knows no bounds. Our resident car expert, liam Bird, casts his critical eye over 2013s best new motoring gizmos and accessories. Alfa pocket Squares, ok so not a gadget as such, but read on; Alfa romeo have launched a new campaign in aid of heart Research uk, encouraging the fashion conscious to get smart for hearts by wearing one of six specially designed pocket squares. Design contributions have come from Dragons Den star Peter Jones cbe; team gb long jumper Chris Tomlinson and actor Tom Ellis, together with fashion label ppq and 2012 Alfa romeo young Designer of the year Janine Clark. Never before has the opportunity of being so sartorially elegant been such a life-saver. Theres a video too: m, casio edifice x red Bull Racing. Formula 1 and precision time pieces have gone hand-in-hand ever weegschaal since jo stiffert signed a deal with tag-heuer.

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